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Project management

Every task is a challenge for us

Our experience and expertise do not end only with testing and software development. We also offer professional project management, thanks to which you will be sure that IT projects are managed efficiently and are in accordance with the set goals and deadlines.

Project management
What we offer
Complete project management:
We manage all processes associated with an IT project, from planning to evaluation of results.
Cost savings
Professional guidance:
Project managers ensure professional leadership and effective project management.
How does it work
Analysis of the project:
Together with you, we analyze the requirements and goals of the project.
Planning and organization:
We develop a detailed plan and organize all the necessary resources.
Process management:
We manage the overall project process, including tracking progress, resolving issues and optimizing workflows.
Evaluation of results:
We will evaluate the results of the project and ensure that they are in line with the set goals.
Why choose us?
Specialization in IT processes:
Our specialization in IT allows us to effectively manage projects in this industry.
Experienced project managers:
Our experienced managers have extensive experience with various types of IT projects.
Orientation to results:
We are focused on achieving specific results in accordance with the client's expectations.
Cost savings
Sometimes it happens that some of our customers need to hire a project manager for their own project to be part of their own team. We are also prepared for this case and provide such a specialized service. We are flexible and willing to adapt to the individual needs of the customer, ensuring that the project manager we hire works effectively with their internal team to achieve success in their project.


Your vision in code

In our portfolio of development services, we offer top solutions for custom software development. Through a team of experienced senior programmers, we guarantee you a professional approach and the creation of software solutions that will exactly meet your requirements.

With us, you will not only get development solutions, but also a partner who takes care of efficiency, quality, support and further development of projects.

What we offer
  • Analysis and proposal of software streamlining
  • Development of frontend and backend applications to order
  • Development of custom web services (REST API, SOAP, microservices, GraphQL, ...)
  • Modification of existing applications
  • Integration of external devices into software applications
  • Hiring programmers (onsite/offsite)
  • Complete service including software application testing, development management, graphics preparation and analytical support
The applications we create
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android)
  • Backend and frontend applications
  • Webservices and microservices
  • Integrations according to customer requirements
How we work
  • Application development is provided by a team of experienced senior programmers
  • If necessary, stress tests are provided by a team of senior performance testers.
  • Project management using SCRUM and Kanban methodology. Communication with the customer is ensured by the SCRUM Master. However, we prefer flexibility in our approach to project management and we also offer alternative models. Project managers are able to work effectively and professionally with different methodologies to meet specific client requirements and ensure successful project completion. The analyst provides support to programmers and at the same time takes care of documentation and communication with the customer.
  • The release manager takes care of the development and testing environment, including versioning, deployment and release management
  • The entire process is supervised by an experienced supervisor


Guarantee of flawless software

Welcome to our portfolio of testing services, where we provide comprehensive testing solutions for clients from various industries. Our experienced team of testers is ready to guarantee the quality of projects using the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI).

Our team is ready to support projects with expertise, experience and efficiency.

Our services include
All standard functional testing techniques
Testing as a Service (TaaS):
Outsourcing of testing services for the efficient course and optimization of testing processes.
Analytical services:
Analysis and audit of test processes with optimization proposal.
Consulting services in the field of testing.
Test management:
Design of testing strategy and methodology for specific projects.
Test team management including manual and automated testing.
Application and device testing:
Specialized testing for mobile applications and devices, including connectable devices.
Various testing techniques:
Usability testing (usability testing).
Visual testing.
Automated testing, performance testing.
Outsourcing of testers and test teams:
We provide testers in the form of body leasing or complete test teams with a test manager.
The working approach includes
  • Professional analysis and audit of testing at the client
  • Setting up processes, metrics, communication and reporting
  • Stress tests with the support of senior performance testers
  • Experience with both sequential and agile testing on projects
  • Providing workshops and professional training for customers
Quality guarantee
  • Testing is supervised by an experienced test supervisor
  • An expert guarantor and a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for problem solving are provided at the same time reliable supervision of the entire process and online exchange of information

Rental of IT capacities

Flexible team member

Our professional IT specialists are available to provide support in projects until their successful completion.

If you are looking for reliable and highly qualified IT specialists to strengthen, supplement or create your team, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Rental of IT capacities
The offer includes
Top IT specialists:
We ensure access to highly qualified and experienced IT professionals who can contribute to your project.
We offer flexible options for renting IT capacities, whether it is a specific project or period needs.
Wide spectrum of expertise:
The AAS Solutions team has specialists with different expertise and abilities, which enables us adapt exactly to your requirements.
How does it work
Specific project or period:
Choose IT experts according to the need and specialization for a specific project or for certain ones time period.
Professionally trained specialists:
They are trained and ready to provide you with exceptional professional support.
Flexibility and efficiency:
Use the flexibility of renting IT capacities for optimal use of resources and achieve effective results the results.
Why us?
Experience and expertise:
Our specialists are selected for their experience and expertise in various IT fields.
Flexibility and adaptability:
We offer solutions that adapt to your specific needs and schedule.
Reliable team:
You can count on our team of professionals who are ready to bring added value project.

Training | AAS Academy

Your digital success starts with us

AAS Academy is an opportunity for your professional development and professional growth. AAS Academy is the only training center in Slovakia that provides accredited ISTQB certification training, including certification exams.

We offer professional training in the field of special testing skills, including automation, technical skills, test management and their certification by the international ISTQB exam.

Training | AAS Academy

What makes us unique?

AAS Academy is the only training center in Slovakia that provides accredited courses ISTQB. Our courses are focused on current trends in the industry and are designed so that you they will provide theoretical and practical knowledge from practice, which graduates can immediately use in practice.

We believe in quality education with a practical approach. Thanks to education, we will provide you with information, strategies and knowledge needed to achieve excellent results on your projects and in your professional career.

We offer training in these areas
Specialized training in the field of testing, including manual and automated testing, performance testing, management and strategy testing.
Technical training:
Training focused on specific automated test tools and technologies to get you necessary technical skills.
ISTQB accredited trainings:
Preparation for the ISTQB certification, which is the standard in the field of software testing.
Why AAS Academy
The trainings are conducted by experts with extensive experience in the field.
Practical approach:
We focus on practical scenarios and examples so that participants gain real-world skills and experiences.
Personalized approach:
Each participant is supported by an individual approach with regard to his needs and goals.
ISTQB certifications:
We provide comprehensive preparation for the international ISTQB certification, which opens the door for you to a recognized standard in the field of testing.
Practical internship:
The opportunity to gain experience with a real client and to try out all the knowledge acquired in the courses.
How to get involved
Choose an area of interest:
Choose from a wide range of testing, technical skills and test training management.
Register for the training that best suits your needs and goals.
Develop with us:
Develop your abilities and skills with the support of experts and contribute to your own professional growth.
Practical internship:
Testing on a real project in a client environment under the guidance of a professional buddy, where you can try, verify and practice all the theoretical knowledge acquired at the trainings in practice.

If you are looking for a path to professional development in IT and testing, AAS Academy is your reliable partner.

Broad market coverage and practice

Areas in which we operate

Banking software

Software in the field of insurance

Telecommunications, software of telecommunications operators

ERP systems

Application software for small and medium-sized companies

Healthcare software

Software in the field of logistics

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Collaborate with a trusted partner

We have achieved ISTQB platinum partner status

As the first Slovak company, we have been long-term holders of ISTQB Platinum Partner status. The demanding standards we meet confirm the technological expertise of professionals in our team.

AAS Solutions – ISTQB Platinum Partner

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